I read that Maneskin review, and it was absolutely brutal. They’re not really my speed anyway, but damn! Interestingly (or not) my wife saw them at Lollapalooza and said they killed.

Separately, I was thinking of riding down to Breese, watching Momma and Modest Mouse and skipping Weezer. Looks like the resellers have already mixed that idea for me. 😡

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Congratulations on getting that podcast up and running, Chris! And I always love reading your intro text before you lay out the musical wizardry.

I’m pretty old school when it comes to musical listening. I want to hear the actual instruments being played by the actual members in the band. Loops and electronic sound just don’t capture the reality.

But there are some really amazing lyrics being written and sung by really amazing vocalists, and that’s where my passions really lie...the words.

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Why can't I get to see Willie and Ethel Cain!!!!!

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